Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Countertops!

They are finally done!! After 4 long months of fighting with Lowes to order our countertops properly, we are finally finished. There are a few minor touch-ups that we need to do with some paint under the bar, but otherwise it's all complete.

This project wasn't without its problems, though. We discovered that the majority of our walls are completely uneven, making it almost impossible to line things up. Thankfully we had our friend Jeremy who is a professional kitchen contractor and a perfectionist to make it all work out. We also ended up having to redo ALL of the plumbing under the sink to compensate for the deeper sink and new disposal. I didn't do much to help with all of this...but I did manage to take all the old plumbing to Lowe's and figure out exactly what new pieces we needed. I was VERY proud of myself.

Enjoy these before and after shots
Main side with the sink. You can see in the background we had the Ryder Cup on all weekend. GO USA!

Jason removing all the nasty quarter-rounds that were used to mask the uneven walls

Bar area from living room

This is what the wall behind the sink looked like after the bar was removed. Taking the bar down didn't do this...the original bar was put in with this big hole there.

Our lovely helper! She was actually very well-behaved during the whole process

By far the easiest part of the whole kitchen

Main counter with new sink

Much larger and deeper sink. I LOVE IT!

Bar from living room

Close-up of bar

Hopefully you can get an idea of how it matches with the floor. It's perfect!


FugueStateKnits said...

It looks lovely! And your kitty was an angel (so not like mine!)
Joan (one of the old ladies from the sip 'n knit group, LOL)

Pheelya said...

It looks great!! I now know who to call should I ever get around to redoing my kitchen ;)

Kitty is so cute!!

Denise said...

They look worth it. Now you must feel like cooking all the time :)