Saturday, October 6, 2007

Welcome to the World, Cameron Grace

Our close friends Ryan and Lindsay welcomed their second child, a daughter named Cameron Grace, into the world two weeks ago. I had really hoped to have the Aran blanket finished before she arrived, but all good plans get delayed. Plus, they didn't need more things to take home from the hospital...their gorgeous daughter was plenty! We were able to enjoy a wonderful dinner with our friends after they returned home, and I gave it to them at that time.

Of all the things I have made so far, this has been the most enjoyable! The pattern is quite easy once you get into it. It looks so much more complicated than it is. It's just 2 types of cables, seed stitching, and a double moss stitch. Since there are several panels that repeat, the stitches change frequently, so I never got bored with it. I also love how it looks like an heirloom piece, making it something that they may be able to pass down or possibly pass off as being passed down to them!!

Here's a closeup of the panels so you can get an idea of the detail. The picture isn't that great because the lighting was low. I had forgotten to take pictures before I wrapped it, so I had to wait until our friends opened it.
All in all, I will keep this pattern very handy for any future babies that come into this world!!

Now on the needles: A Cardigan for Arwen. I haven't gotten a lot more done since my last post, but I am making progess on the back, which is just 25 inches of stockinette stitching. This basic stitching made it the perfect project for Wednesday as my students took their first exam. I had a full 75 minutes of knitting while I kept an eye out for possible cheating! (none to report!)

PhDKnitter is going full steam ahead on her Arwen and making notes where slight alterations or attention needs to be paid. The front is knit in 2 separate pieces and then those are stitched together to the back to create the final piece. My guru came up with the brilliant idea to knit the two pieces at the same time. This allows us to make sure that both pieces are the same length and will hopefully help when starting the sleeves so that they are even across the chest. Don't want a sweater with one sleeve lower than the other!!! If you want a better idea of this process, check out her page because she has started the front panels already.

So, even though I have a LONG WAY to go on Arwen, it's time to get the next project going. My nephew, who I have lovingly named Seamus Hannan for now, is due on Nov 19th. However, with the way things go with my sisters, there is a strong chance that he'll grace us with his presence early. Us Trame girls never like to follow the rules!

All that long diatribe being said, I need to just pick a damn pattern for him!! I have so many to choose from, but I can't decide. I mean, it's my nephew...the pattern has to be just perfect! I have given myself a deadline of Friday the 12th as that is the day that PhDKnitter and I are heading to Stitches East in Baltimore! I am ready to be overwhelmed by all the possibilities and dive into a full convention center of yarn and assundries!!! With my pattern in hand for my new nephew, I know I'll be able to find the perfect yarn. Unfortunately, I won't be able to tell you any more than this as the rest will have to be a surprise for the whole Hannan family!!!