Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Knittin' at the Yard

Every year we get together with our friends Tom & Lauren to celebrate Tom and Jason's birthdays. **Happy Birthday, boys!** This year, we decided to head up to the "Yard" and watch the Orioles play the Nationals for some good interleague play. We gathered some friends, snagged the Tuesday night $8 cheap seats, and settled in for a great game. Unfortunately, the O's lost 7-4. Still, it was a gorgeous evening and we had a blast with our friends!

I convinced my good ol' guru that we should try knitting at the game. We're both working on large, wool baby blankets, so that would not suffice. We needed something smaller that didn't require a lot of attention. So, as my first "stash project" I thought we could try a lacy headband from Knit Picks.
So, we knitted and knitted and knitted...all the while yelling, screaming, and celebrating for the few great plays that the O's managed to squeak out. We were hoping that the camera scanning the crowd would show us up on the jumbotron, but no. I even kept knitting, while standing and singing during the 7th inning stretch!!!! But still, no jumbotron debut.

I think we probably each got about half of a headbead done *she in green, me in blue* by the end of the 7th inning. Since the O's were way behind, we all decided to duck out at that time and head home. I really like this "stash project" because it's so portable and I can work on it anywhere. Plus I have some lovely colors in my stash that I would love to use up. Who knows, maybe I'll make one for everyone I know!!!

We're gonna try to catch the O's vs Yankee's game on the 26th, so maybe we'll be able to do some more knittin' at the Yard! Hopefully the O's will pull out a win the next time...after all, it will be the Yankees!!


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Update: Surfin' USA

I think I'm the luckiest aunt in the world! Anyone wanna go in on a KnitPicks order with me? It's time to buy some yarn!

P.S. Pictures of all the fun in the sun will come up soon, but too tired and burnt right now

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Surfin' USA


(and no I will not be surfing in the USA...I'm a beach gal)

I just can't say that enough. I love the longer days where we can rush home from work, round up the neighbors, and get several games of cornhole in before the street lights come on. Then it's inside to throw some dogs and burgers on the grill because it's already 9;30pm and we're all dying from starvation!

It's also time for the annual Fredstrom trip to the beach. For the third year in a row, we've been lucky enough to have some awesome friends willing to "beach it" with us. We're heading to Ocean City tomorrow night for a long weekend...and we've been counting down the days for over a week now. We have both been really busy with work, tying up loose ends so we can enjoy the sand and the surf. Come Wednesday at 7pm, it's time to hit the road and leave it all behind, with a lot of beer, sun lotion, and Maker's Mark!!

With the longer hours in the day, we're also finding more time to work on my golf skills. Jason is the most patient teacher in the world...especially considering how impatient I am! I've been knocking them out at the driving range for 3 years now, and we're getting to close to me actually setting foot on my first tee! I think that the NEW CLUBS we bought for me last night will help out too!! I can't remember their name right now, so I don't have a pic or link for you...but they are amazing! Thanks to DH for supporting me in this endeavor...and for helping me become more patient in what is probably the most frustrating sport ever!

I don't have any knitting pictures to update because they are all surprises for my wonderful pregnant friends. Most of them know that I'm making them something, but I don't want them to know anything else. I hope to get a bit more done on the first gift while at the beach...which should make for some really funny pictures!!!

I can't wait for Ann to find out if Noah is going to have a brother or a sister because I'm DYING to knit something pink!!!! Of course if it is a brother for Noah, my needles will be clicking happily along with the thoughts of playing Thomas with this nephew too...but I'll blame my bro-in-law for the whole lack of pink on my needles!!!