Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wishin' and hopin'

I suppose that’s exactly what I was doing when I stopped by Target yesterday afternoon…wishin’ and hopin’. We had enjoyed 3 days of GORGEOUS weather, including an almost 80 degree day on Wednesday. And that all just fell apart come Thursday when the rain came in. Over the course of the next 24 hours, the temperature dropped 40 degrees and the rain turned to sleet. So, when I stopped into Target, I headed right for the shoe section to try to brighten my day. After all, I knew I would be greeted by rows and rows of FLIP FLOPS! All the pretty colors and styles…some with jewels, others with cork wedges, and still others with lovely straps to lace up the ankle. It helped me forget the sleet and rain, even if only for a moment.

DH thinks I’m insane when I pull out the flops for the first time because it’s usually still cold in the morning. But I feel it’s worth it to have some chilly tootsies when I know that later in the day those tootsies will be all nice and toasty in the warm sun! I’m a pretty basic flop gal as I don’t like to spend a ton of money on shoes that may only last a few months. I treated myself to a new pair of black flops and some classic looking brown ones. They may be boring, as this post may appear to you as well, but it was the highlight of my day! Now if I could only convince Mother Nature to stop being finicky and just let us have some warmth so I can enjoy my new flops.

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PHD Knitter said...

I busted out the flip-flops on Thursday and it was fabulous! We made it down to Atlanta, but just barely and it's a nightmare of a story. We were sitting on the plane in Baltimore for 1.5 hours as they de-iced the plane (and the ground). It was craziness. Hopefully flying out tomorrow will go smoothly. Have a nice break :)