Sunday, March 11, 2007

Come in and relax

Welcome to Casa de Fred, where the door is always open, the spare room has clean sheets, and the Maker's is ready for one and all. Since all the rest of the family and friend are on the "blog" train, I thought it was time for us to join in as well.

Here's a little bit about me:
I am a wife
a sister

an aunt

a student

and more recently, a knitter!

I'm sure I'll be the one to do most of the posting on this site, but I'll try to get DH to post something once in awhile. You'll be able to tell what I'm working on the most at the time: be it school work, knitting, or spending time with friends based on what I'm posting on. Hope you enjoy this little glimpse into life at Casa de Fred!


PHD Knitter said...

Welcome! I'm so excited you have a blog now!

Anonymous said...

I think you are a swell daughter, granddaughter and niece too.